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Cyber Surprise


A platinum curl falls across Amy’s face and catches in her eyelashes. She blinks and sweeps it from her forehead. Tony smiles at her encouragingly. With a shrug of her shoulders, she lets her silky shawl slide off.

Her big blue eyes look straight into ...READ MORE

Wasteland 2


Not sure if our stories will be used in Wasteland , but my stuff is good enough to be a whole porn movie ! Since Lily Labeau and Lily Carter’s material is getting kinkier and kinkier , I decided that both of them are ...READ MORE

My Fantasy Becomes Yours


You are all around Adrianna’s house,laying by her pool on a hot,sunny day,drinking cocktails and feeling even hornier than usual as the hot sun warms your perfect bodies which you lust over each other.You all finish your drinks so Adrianna goes inside to get ...READ MORE


My Hot Beach Fantasy with You

Hello Tanya,Adrianna and Katie,I hope you hot,sexy women are doing good and have been enjoying and getting horny over reading the stories so far?Before I submit mine I would just like to say how much I love all your hot work and how hard and ...READ MORE

Voyeuristic Avenue

An emission of sallow sighs filled the empty living room. Dust particles flew between the suns ray’s through the grimy window and nowhere in particular. A squeal of despair made Rick wince as he applied the last of the masking tape against a tattered, old ...READ MORE

Extra Lessons

 It was a hot June afternoon, and Wimbledon was in full swing. Those who wished were allowed to watch the tennis on the university television, set up in the Latin classroom due to its relative darkness.


Rachel had little interest in tennis, apart from a fleeting ...READ MORE