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My Fantasy Becomes Yours


You are all around Adrianna’s house,laying by her pool on a hot,sunny day,drinking cocktails and feeling even hornier than usual as the hot sun warms your perfect bodies which you lust over each other.You all finish your drinks so Adrianna goes inside to get ...READ MORE

Sorority Initiation




The hard paddle made contact with my barely covered ass. Where it was once tan and supple, it is now sore and red. I fight through the pain though because I know it will be worth it. After all, I was pledging Lambda Zeta ...READ MORE

The Cheese Crackers


“I love to play with food” she said… That’s one of the first thing Vicky told me when we met. Obviously my very perverted mind started to think about of all the very phallic stuff I could probably make and have fun with it ...READ MORE


Diary of a Young Lesbian: Rock Concert

Dear Diary,

I was so excited, Lotus Blossom was coming to town and I am going to see them. I had been following them since they broke through on the music scene three years ago. They had come to town a couple times before but for ...READ MORE


“Attention, please. Flight 143 from San Francisco to Honolulu is now boarding at Gate 10.”

Jessica looked around the waiting area, blowing her cheeks out in frustration. Where the hell was he? She looked over at the Gate, saw the small crowd moving through the doorway, ...READ MORE

Lesbian Fairy Tales: The Three Sisters

A long time ago there was a man with three lovely daughters. The oldest, Margaret, was the most like her mother; long flowing blonde hair, piercing green eyes and a very happy demeanor. The middle daughter, Meredith (Mary for short), was the tallest of the ...READ MORE